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Change starts with you!

At Can Pruna we want to reduce the consumption of takeaway containers and for this reason we recommend that if you want to take your food home, you do so with your own tupperware. We have to pay for the plastic, not the planet! In our restaurant we are working to improve our services, towards reducing the use of plastic and the excessive consumption of polluting products. We believe it is important to implement this improvement with our customers and that is why we have started a campaign to reduce plastic in the products we offer at Can Pruna.

Many of our customers have the need to use a container to take their food home and thus not throw the food in the garbage, but this involves the use of plastic containers and bags that we have to facilitate and sell . We recommend the use of reusable and personal tupperware, which customers can bring from home and use at no additional cost.

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Reduction of polluting products.

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Project 2030!

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Takeaway Tupperware service.


What is the 2030 project?

The "Project 2030" is the current project of the Can Pruna Restaurant in order to reduce and eliminate the use of plastic in our restaurant. This project was born from the observation of the unnecessary use of objects to carry food, such as tupperware or plastic bags that we have to provide to all our customers.

The project is a projection of all the objectives we want to fulfill in our restaurant before 2030, and which we will gradually incorporate into all our products and services.


How can I be part of the project?

To be part of the "2030 Project" you must comply with the restaurant's advice and recommendations, and these are part of the "Reciclem bé. Separem bé." project. of the Government of Catalonia;A project that supports the responsible use of plastic and the reuse of non-biodegradable material that is an active danger for the environment and for the proper functioning of the environment that surrounds us. Can Pruna recommends checking the, in order to learn and get to know the project and contribute to the 2030 project. For more information, you can consult the

In our restaurant, in order to consciously collaborate with the project, we recommend having a personal container and a reusable bag, to all those people who cannot finish their food, in order not to contribute to the purchase of the containers single use


Why do I have to pay for the tupper service?

If you have requested a container to take away, you will find on your bill an increase of €1.20 for the tupperware service. This is an additional service that we offer due to the need of customers to order a container for those foods that are not finished and that they want to take home. According to the law "01/2023 Article 55 of waste and soil contaminated by a circular economy"; "From January 1, 2023, a price will have to be charged for each of the plastic items delivered to the consumer, clearly differentiating it on the sales ticket."

At Can Pruna we have put together a whole packaging service, where we serve and pack the food that the consumer wants to take home, serving it in an individual container and a bag, so that its transport is more convenient and practical. All this service has a cost of €1.20 and is added and differentiated to the final sales ticket. This action is part of the "Project 2030" of the Can Pruna restaurant, which wants to reduce this consumption of plastic and, in the same way, reduce the sale of takeaway containers. We recommend that the consumer use personal reusable containers such as hard plastic tupperware or lunch boxes, whenever possible, and thus avoid the mandatory service of establishments such as bars and restaurants.

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