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In one of the valleys of Tordera, called Sant Daniel, there is a beautiful farmhouse located on top of a hill called Can Pruna. It is a farmhouse dating from 1607.

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The building consists of two side bodies, with a central courtyard that distributes the spaces. In the interior it is necessary to emphasize the vault that presents/displays the ceiling of the entrance, where the tiles are placed in the form of spike, little common in this zone according to the experts; this denotes that it was a house of relevant importance in the area.

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The farmhouse has undergone several renovations, two of which are inscribed on the windows of the façade, 1816 and 1838. The transformation from farmhouse to restaurant was around 1963.

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The name “Can Pruna” comes from the surname of the great-grandparents of the family that we currently own. The house has passed through five generations of Vallmañas, who lost the surname of “Pruna” of the family when a heiress inherited the estate.

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Now Can Pruna is a Catalan farmhouse that offers typical and market cuisine, made with fresh local products, in a traditional and homemade way, following faithful to the trajectory of our roots.


We have a personalized relationship with customers, which is why we organize and adapt the service to all types of celebrations, thus ensuring the success of the event.

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